There are many reasons for a battery bulge, not necessarily a battery quality problem


Battery is the most critical core component of electric vehicle, known as the "heart" of electric vehicle, in the use of electric vehicle, sometimes the situation of battery bulge. Once the battery is inflated, many electric vehicle users think it is a battery quality problem. In fact, there are many reasons for the battery bulge, not necessarily a battery quality problem.

1. the quality of the charger. At present, the electric vehicle market is flooded with a large number of inferior chargers, some of the miscellaneous electric vehicle to reduce costs and improve profits are mostly equipped with this charger, many consumers do not pay attention to the quality of the charger, cogitly cheap, will also buy this charger, the cost is generally only more than ten yuan. The electronic components of this charger are basically made of inferior materials and easy to damage. The problem that often occurs is that the battery does not turn the lamp when it is fully charged, and the charging current cannot be adjusted according to the current of the battery, resulting in a large number of overcharged batteries. After several overcharged batteries, the battery will be filled with drum. Poor quality chargers are the number one cause of battery bloating, accounting for about 70 percent of the total.

2. charging time problem. Electric vehicle battery charging generally do not exceed 8 hours, and many electric vehicle users in order to facilitate, often overnight charging, charging time often more than 12 hours, and sometimes even because of forgotten charging time often more than 20 hours, this kind of battery is bound to cause great damage. Charging time is too long, resulting in a battery charge bulge of about 10%.

3. the matching problem of the charger. Now many families have two or even more electric cars, and many electric cars are different brand, the battery is different models, the charger is also different, not common, but some of the electric car users is in use process, often mixed with use, with 60 v, 48 v battery charger to charge with 20 ah 12 ah battery charger to charge, Charging voltage and current mismatch, of course, will lead to battery overcharge and bulge. The charger's mismatch causes the battery to bulge at around 10%.

4. Use quick charging stations frequently. At present, many cities have a large number of fast charging stations, which on the one hand brings convenience to electric vehicle users; on the other hand, high current charging of fast charging stations leads to serious gas leakage and water loss of batteries. Long-term use is also an important reason for battery flushing. Frequent use of quick charging stations results in a bulge of around 5% of the battery.

5. the quality of the battery. Reasons are also likely to lead to the quality of the battery charged drum, but because of quality problems lead to battery charged drum phenomenon generally appeared in the use of a year later, and only accounts for some 5% of the normal shock drum reason, so for battery quality lead to drum filling proportion is very few, but no matter what the reason cause the battery charged drum, but are often the battery take the blame. Some use within half a year on the drum of the battery, according to experience 99% possibility is not caused by battery quality problems.

As an industrial product in need of after-sales service, it is normal to have problems. Whether the battery is bulging or not far away, they are all problems that may be encountered in the use of the battery of the electric vehicle. We should have a good attitude to face them. Problems are not terrible, as long as the manufacturer can be responsible to solve, if it is really the cause of battery quality, I believe that the manufacturer will be responsible in accordance with the relevant after-sales standards to perform after-sales service, do not worry.